Crazy Crossover – CoD: Modern Warfare feat. Sudoku

Written by Alex Maidment (nSanity Beach)

Oddly enough, the two most recent games I’ve played were Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on my Xbox One and Sudoku on my OnePlus 7T (no, I didn’t enable fnatic mode for Sudoku…). As with all of our Crazy Crossovers, this combination of games led to an idea.

Let’s start with the basics: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a relatively fast-pace first person shooter and one of the most popular games in the world with a yearly new release. Sudoku on the other hand is a logic-based number puzzle that involves a 9×9 grid broken up into 3×3 subgrids, each of which need to contain the numbers 1-9. Also, each column and row also need to contain 1-9 with no repeats in any of the subgrids, rows or columns…

Two completely different types of game fused together by my imagination.

Now, in this scenario, I don’t actually think either of the games should change, they’re both pretty great in their own right. So how do you combine them or cross them over? You add Sudoku into Call of Duty as a loading screen mini-game between matches.

The aim is effectively to complete puzzles in the Sudoku to get additional unlock items in the mulitplayer games. For example, between each game you have the opportunity to carry on with the Sudoku puzzle and for every row, column or subgrid you complete between games, you have the option to select a perk for the next game. This might be selecting a 4th perk or scorestreak for the game or choosing to make it easier to get a scorestreak or making the time to get your field upgrade less.

Generally, the challenge of completely the Sudoku shouldn’t disadvantage others in the game too much but should add an interesting way to get additional XP and upgrades in game. You could then have an overall XP boost if you manage to complete the entire Sudoku puzzle while playing.

Now, of course there would need to be some other rules, for example, every player would only have one Sudoku puzzle per 24 hours to stop those Sudoku ninjas from having a constant unfair advantage! Also, for those that don’t wish to partake in the Sudoku fun, they wouldn’t be too disadvantaged.

This Crazy Crossover brings even more fun to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare while also setting a logic challenge and makes waiting for the next game more fun. Maybe Infinity Ward and Activision should actually take this idea on!

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